About Us

The "Digital Catalog of the Sounds of Spanish" was created by Terrell A. Morgan, Ph. D., Professor of Hispanic Linguistics at The Ohio State University. Prof. Morgan's visits throughout the Spanish-speaking world have yielded countless opportunities for interaction with speakers of a wide range of dialects (and, for that matter, languages) in any number of cultural contexts. We hereby publicly offer our sincere thanks to those who have agreed to allow their interviews to be videotaped and to appear online as part of this collection.

The assistance of Gilberto Velázquez Aponte, doctoral student in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at OSU, was critical to the completion of the orginal, interactive web site and user interface. We gratefully acknowledge additional help from Joe Bondra and Cindy Gray, both of OSU's Digital Union, and our colleagues in Arts and Sciences Technology Services. The original project was funded in part by an Arts and Humanities Seed Grant, sponsored by the College of the Arts and Sciences of The Ohio State University.

The interface was redesigned in 2018 by Abhijit Varde of the OSU Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures and programmed by ASC Tech. Launch of the new site, renamed Voices of the Hispanic World, would not have happened without the technological expertise of Justin Bland of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.